Gary Bertwistle

Gary is Australia’s pioneer thought leader on innovation and creativity. He has been working in creativity and innovation for over 25 years, his career spanning the retail, music and radio industries. His passion is getting people and companies to think differently. He gives useful, simple and easy to understand suggestions that are relevant to all businesses to give your brand a true edge. He speaks to audiences around the world about unlocking their thinking, imagination and ideas in the areas of performance, problem solving, innovation, marketing, strategy, creativity and learning.

Gary’s innovative approach assists organisations and individuals in challenging their traditional way of thinking to be able to successfully unlock their great ideas, with a view to making the company more successful. In order to truly innovate and develop breakthrough ideas you need to thinkĀ  differently and that is what Gary is all about. His presentations are empowering, enjoyable and entertaining, and his simple, straightforward approach to thinking is always well received.

In 2002 Gary opened Australia’s first ever creative thinking venue at The Entertainment Quarter in Sydney, called The Ideas Vault. His venue is now used by some of the biggest corporations in the country for creative thinking, meetings, seminars and training sessions.

Gary is also the co-founder of Australia’s leading cycling foundation, The Tour de Cure, which raises money for the research support and prevention of cancer in men, women and children. The Tour de Cure has now raised over $18 million dollars in donations and many millions of dollars in publicity since its inception in 2007.

Along with the cycling foundation, Gary has also founded a corporate fundraising day called the Day of Inspiration, which gathers together keynote speakers, entertainers and performers in Sydney for a one day event in front of a corporate crowd to raise awareness and funds towards the curing of cancer.

He’s won the TEC Speaker of the Year Award in both 2007 and 2008, and again in 2012, and is renowned for his passion and drive in helping people to think differently about their life, family, business and mojo.

Gary has published six books; The Keys to Creativity (Blue Moon Publishing, 2006), Who Stole My Mojo? (Allen & Unwin, 2011), What Made You Think of That? (Allen & Unwin, 2010), The Vibe (Wrightbooks, 2010) and My Dad’s Got Mojo (Wrightbooks, 2011) and What I Wish I Knew About Cancer (Big Sky Publishing, 2011).